sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Wk1 Leadership post: To Publish or to Present

In this crazy little cosmos that we are at this moment on our month 11 (yes, we are almost there, one more month), I am debating on a big question.  To publish or to present my Leadership project.  Both alternatives are great.  If I publish, my work will be read, studied and analyzed by my peers, professors and experts on the educational field.  If I present, I'll be able to establish a debate direct with those who are there and to meet the who's who of educational technology and media design.

I think that I'll be presenting my Leadership project. Why? because I've been known to be a good storyteller and because of the challenge of being confronted by the people that I'll be addressing this project.  Another challenge will be to use few slides, so "Presentation Zen" will be a great help to accomplish this "feat".  I know that I'll probably regret choosing presenting, but I know that at the end, the presentation will be the most rewarding experience I could get.

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  1. Great analysis of your strengths and interests. Good luck.