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Wk4 Classmate Comment: Faith Olarsch

Faith's Original Post;

MAC week 4 blog 1 reading: The Art of Possibility byBenjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander

Used with permission from: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1387982
What if wewere the circuit board of our life?

Perhaps this book is all about being Zen.  I particularly like the portion of Zen that explores the lack of people living in a bottle.  I find that at times I am guilty of the desire to be unaffected by the outside world.  I like isolation, which is witnessed by the National Forest surroundings of my home.  I find that too many people clutter my thoughts too easily.  Yet despite this isolation we affect each other, and we are part responsible no matter which direction the outcome.  I would like to be more efficient in the game of chess, but the concept of being the board seems harder for me to grasp.  I understand that actions and reactions occur, and most of the time I do not assign blame.  There are times though, when feeling low, that I am bound by insufficient thought and overwhelmed with negativity. When those times occur action is required to re-establish a positive mode of thinking and being. 

My Comments;

Hi Faith;
Chess is a game about strategy. In fact, it's the ultimate strategy game. Ben and Roz used the chess board analogy as a way to explain that each of us have our own board and we control "our" board. The will be situations that you cannot avoid, for example Bishop takes Pawn. Bishop moves different from Pawn in the game. it has a better range compared to Pawn. There will be days where "your" pawn could be overwhelmed by the "bishop" (a problem). It is how you move the situation to your favor. How can a pawn can take over the bishop with the right move. That's the reason why chess games are so lengthy. Chess players don't look at one movement, they look at the whole board, all possible moves that can affect the outcome of the game.

In Internal Martial Arts, such as Bagua, Taijiquan and Xingyiquan we train our body to use as a whole, not as a individual entity. We channel our energy thru our body, therefore eliminating "outside" interference like stress & sickness. Although a common cold is not avoidable, we can prevent that cold could get worse.

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