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Wk4 Leadership Blog Post: Leadership Role Model Reflection

Like the discussion board post at the beginning of MAC course this month, I believe that this is a difficult topic for me to write. During my 43 years, I've been influenced by many people that I can't write about only one.  Let me see if by writing this words, I can go down to one.

What can I say about a leader? What defines a leader? Vision, determination, motivation, imagination are some of the qualities that a leader should have to inspire, light a spark within ourselves, and make us take his vision, his example and improve it, go beyond of what he/she did.

In music, Elvis and the Beatles led by opening the world to create and to listen music as a whole, not as different genres or colors. Modern music has a mix of Blues, Jazz, Classical, Reggae, Country, etc.  Elvis gave us American by mixing blues and country.  Beatles gave us the world.  They redid rock 'n' roll, and opened the doors to Indian music through Ravi Shankar.

A personal favorite is baseball great, Roberto Clemente. Not only he was the first Puertorican to have batted 3,000 hits, but his humanitarian work in giving baseball clinics to kids and to help those in dire need.  He died on his way to Managua, Nicaragua after the earthquake of 1972. He is one of those opened the door to hispanics in Baseball. I remember watching on "PBS" the Ken Burns documentary "Baseball" and baseball players, reporters and announcers, still talk about his "greatness" on the field and in life. I remember when I was in little league and we were always looking who had the No. 21 on his shirt.

Video from YouTube Roberto Clemente-Sportscentry (1 of 4)

I can mention one of my teachers. My History teacher in High School, Mr. Jesus Ortiz, who taught us about history and our history.  He taught us how maturity would hit us, how we are going to mature and how we were going to deal with life, once we were in college.

Maybe, maybe not these examples made me the person that I'm today....

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.....John Lennon.

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  1. Great choices and thinking... you may not have whittled the list down to one, but it was a great list either way.