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Wk3 Classmate Comments: Dara Easterling.

Dara's original post;

enable, engage, equality

From this week's reading, especially in Chapter 5, I gleamed the importance of enabling through the process whether in an orchestra, business, or educational setting.  I am sure most of us have seen those tyrannical bosses that want things one way and don't want any feedback or opinions about what is going on.  But by offering them ways in which to communicate and be involved and be the leader in some cases they gain more from their contributions to the cause.  

Another thing that I can take away from the readings is how they all tie into engagement (collaboration, teamwork, having fun and not being serious, and acceptance.  The stool that I learned about previously was the first thing that came to mind when just looking at the titles to each chapter but as I read through it all tied together and made sense.  Each factor shows that there is a need for the support whether it is done on a personal level, material level (i.e. the white paper), or using technology (a video or blog).

I know that this response seems a little off the beaten track but in terms of making meaning this is how I made meaning out of the reading.

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My comments;

Hi Dara;

As I was reading chapters 5-8 I began to remember some of my "tyrannical" bosses. These type of boss always take too much seriousness on their work and they don't even let other ideas flow or contribute to the workplace. They feel the own everything and if you don't do your work the way they want, you're out.

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