jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Wk4 Reading: The Art of Possibility: Keep the Fire Burnin'

Hi my fellow cohorts and professor:

Yes, I put or should I say quote REO Speedwagon on my title, but that's how I looked at this week reading.  Chapters 9-12 explain so much about opening the world of possibilities to those who share this world around us. How we can motivate, engage, inspire students, friends, co-workers, to approach problems, obstacles or difficulties with a different view, taking advantage of having a difficult situation to a positive, productive moment.

I believe that this week's reading sums up what we can do to work with "our board", our lives.  It teaches us that this world is a community, not a race that we had to win.  We must deal as "we" and not as "I". I was impressed how Ben storm into Cora's coaching and how sarcastic he was when speaking to her as missing the rehearsal. He forgot Rule No.6 and it cost, not him, but the orchestra the resignation of Cora.  After admitting his mistake, he did what he taught to his students. He wrote a letter to Cora, giving himself an A. This humble act of reflection improved and strengthen his relationship with Cora.  He lit the spark himself, looked at his board and approach the situation as a "we" instead of "I"...

How fascinating!!!!

* photo by James Hall Robinson. Creative Commons

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  1. Well put Rodolfo!

    We must keep the fire burnin’ and what better way to keep a fire burning than with a spark. It is hard sometimes to view the world as the board instead of just our own lives on the board. When we view the board with more than just ourselves on it, we find that there are more sparks to be lit than meets the eye. You ask a great set of questions: How can we motivate, engage, and inspire those around us.

    How fascinating that Ben himself forgot about Rule Number 6! It was a great way for him to show how to handle what happens when you slip up and forget such an important rule. We are human and therefore not perfect. I’m glad that Ben included a story that shows that though we are not perfect, we do have the power to make up for the mistakes we make in life. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. Ben did just that in his story with Cora.

  2. Great interaction with the reading... yes, we do need to recognize when we err and just put it out there. Fascinating, indeed!